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Enterprise Solutions beyond access control

Maximize automation in your environment.


  • New hiresenabled
  • Leavingaccounts deleted
  • Functionalcloud groups
  • Adminfull control

Cost Control

  • ReportingCost evolution
  • Budget Planingfor usage
  • ControlCost thresholds
  • EvaluateAlternatives


  • Assessmentcloud usage
  • PlaningImplementation
  • ExecutingRollout
  • SupportChange

Firewall Integr.

  • CatchNew clouds
  • EnforcePolicy
  • ProtectPerimeter
  • DifferentiateInside / Outside

Ideal Solutions

Secunite's Skypaas is at the heart of a solution that includes firewalls, ERP for cost control, internal directory services and user repositories, business intelligence, VPN, and HR solutions.

Together with our partners we provide Skypaas integration with your key infrastructure to maximize automation and benefit. Imagine, user provisioning becomes a click in only ONE place, and inconsistencies are a thing of he past. Imagine cloud costs are infused to your existing ERP system and can be monitored in ONE place. You can achieve this fast through our partners and their integration services.