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Skypaas Gateway 500

  • Users< 500
  • AccessSky SSO
  • ReportingEnabled
  • ProvisioningSelf
  • Support9/5 Business day

Skypaas Gateway 5000

  • Users< 5000
  • AccessSky SSO
  • ReportingEnabled
  • ProvisioningSelf
  • Support24/7

Skypaas to secure your access to the clouds

Today and in the future new software and new functionality is provided as cloud service from day one. This opens up an enormeous opportunity for enterprises to accelerate business using the most advanced technologies. Enterprises spend globally 270 B$ on software. By adopting cloud services enterprises and are now in a position to save money, become agile, and get IT on the fast track.

Secunite secures the access to cloud IT. One of the biggest challenges that enterprises now face is that different clouds impose their own user access control, and their own payment mechanisms. Skypaas helps enterprises to manage their clouds in a unified manner.

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Skypaas Gateway

The Skypaas Gateway is the central point of cloud access control. Installed adjacent to existing firewalls, and connected to internal directories, the Skypaas Gateway allows enterprises to regain control over cloud usage outside the enterprise perimeter. The Skypaas gateway is conceived for 24/7 operation and is equipped with all technology that ensures continuous operation. Conceived as a security appliance for large enterprises, redundant network connectivity, redundant power supply, and separate pairs of network interfaces for highest security also on physical layer make the Skypaas gateway a carrier-grade equipment of choice to enable mission-critical operation of Skypaas.

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